The Usticks: January 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008

What's new?

I figured I could update you a little update on Baby Ustick. I had another doctor's appointment early January. It was just a routine visit.. so uneventful. I always think they're missing something! Shouldn't there be more to talk about? I guess things are going great if they don't have much to do! Next month is our big ultrasound! Brent and I are so excited to see the baby and find out what we're having. That appointment is February 6th. We're definitely counting down the days. Once we know if it's a boy or girl I think we'll actually start getting ready for his/her arrival. At this point, we've done nothing but move a chest of drawers from my parent's house in Newport News to our downstairs living room. At least we'll have a place to put baby clothes! I finally felt a little movement from the little one on my birthday of all days! It was short-lived, but so cool!

My little niece, Addison, sent me two of her cute outfits for my birthday (well she's not quite 5 months old yet, so I think her mom may have helped her out a bit!). They are yellow in color, so it's perfect for either a boy or girl. My baby clothes collection is now up to 3 things! Sarah, my roommate from college, gave us the cutest Winnie the Pooh outfit... I can't wait to use it. I'll have to post a picture of it later.

That's about it for now!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas and New Years Festivities

Christmas 2007 was so much fun! My family came over from Newport News to Chesapeake to celebrate Christmas on the 25th with Brent's side of the family. We had a super yummy brunch and then spent time opening gifts and hanging out. Brent was the mastermind behind the brunch. He organized it all. I must say it turned out quite well.. even the waffle recipe which called for yeast came out tasting pretty good (as all the guests said!). And if that wasn't enough, we celebrated Christmas again on January 6th with my side of the family in Newport News once Matt (my brother-in-law) flew into town from North Dakota! We had a blast both days!

New Years Eve day we went to Newport News again to hang out with my side of the family for the evening. Brent and I then headed back to Chesapeake and went to our friends Brad and Andrea's house for a New Years Eve party. We played games and watched Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve show (per Andrea's request!) It was great fun, and nice to have a couple more days off from work.