The Usticks: February 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011


Avery wanted to "play" Rummikub this morning. I've been trying to help her learn the numbers 0-9 for a while now and she's finally catching on. This game is a great way for her to practice.

It was her idea to put all the blue ones together. Notice how the "6's" are upside down? She insisted on having all 9's.. no 6's. Don't know why.

I was trying to get a simple picture of her looking decent while playing... but this is what I ended up with...

Avery found a booklet inside the game box advertising lots of other games. She was super excited about it. She wanted to get more games. I asked her where we needed to go to buy them and she said "the game store!".. Right =)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

she did it!

Here's a picture of Riley after she slept 'til 645am Thursday morning! What a night. She slept from 730pm to 645am. No feedings, no needing mommy at 12, 2 and 4am, no nothing. She was SO HAPPY that day. Girly needed her nighttime sleep. It started Saturday night when I was desperate and decided to see what Riley would do overnight if I wasn't to go in to her room to help her back to sleep everytime she woke up crying. She had a few crying spells that night, but managed to fall back to sleep by herself. Each night since then has been good. I only went in once each night after Saturday night until Wednesday night when I didn't go in at all. She's still been doing great.. usually going until at least 430 or later.
Her naps haven't changed one bit. Three 30-min naps seems to be her thing. If she's sleeping better at night, I don't care about naps! I'm up all day with Avery anyway. She's been markedly happier during the daytimes. This is what we wanted for her. Go Riley! We will continue to pray each night for Riley to get the rest her little body needs!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

a true sun room & puppy pjs

I love that our sunroom actually is the room in the house that gets a lot of sun!

Riley's getting good at eating puffs... gotta be quick if Avery the puff stealer is around!

how perfect are these puppy pjs for Avery?? She learned the word "dalmation".. so cute

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

miss bee makes valentines!

making valentines!

And yes, I dressed Avery in her heart shirt without even thinking about it being Valentine's Day. Am I good or what? hahaha

Avery LOVES doing crafts. She puts on her focus face and dives right in. We made a trip to Wally World and picked out some construction paper and stickers for our Valentines. The cover to the pack of construction paper had a turtle on it, and for whatever reason Avery kept calling it "the turtle bible." She held on to the pack of heart and flower stickers nice and tight. She was SO excited. We made lots of Valentines today, too. It's all she wanted to do today! My mom nicknamed her Miss CEO.. and in true Avery fashion she was "helping" me make my valentines while she made hers =)

8 months of riley

Today Riley is 8 months old. Here's the latest and greatest:
  • you recently went through a major growth spurt because your sleepers fit last week and this week they are really too short for you. maybe that explains the random handful of 1-hour naps you had.
  • you are a pro at rolling over from back to tummy. this makes naptime loads of fun. you take even longer to settle into sleep and still only give mommy a 30 minute break... 3 times a day
  • you're starting to get into 12-18 mo clothes.. you need the length in the onesies, and let's face it.. the width, too.
  • you LOVE bathtime .. you're wanting so bad to crawl out of your tub now
  • when you roll over to your tummy you can really push up high with your arms (yes yes.. you're a super late bloomer in this dept).. i suppose you made up for it by sitting up solo early at 4 months.
  • you're still eating 2 meals of solids. breakfast and dinner. if avery doesn't steal your puffs, you get to munch on a few
  • bedtime is still at 7.. and you wake up 2-3 times between then and morning. you can stop doing that anytime.. i promise i'll be there when you wake up IN.THE.MORNING... i'm not THAT interesting =)
  • you like chewing on spoons... or ANYTHING.. everything goes in your mouth.
  • still no teeth
  • you hate it when mommy leaves the room.. or tries to do anything productive
  • you still nap in the car (yay!)
  • you still let mommy (only rarely) hold/rock you while you sleep (just this morning i rocked you for an hour since it was too early to start the day)
  • you give the BEST smiles.. I love it.. 

still have those bright, blue eyes

    Monday, February 14, 2011

    happy valentine's day

    Riley sportin' the hearts

    she wants to crawl SO bad

    It's SO nice out today. 60's! Avery was bothered by the wind, though. =) Riley was digging the weather. Crazy to think it snowed last week.

    I've got Riley's 8 month update coming tomorrow, so I'll write more then.

    Tuesday, February 08, 2011

    side by side

    Here's Avery and Riley at EXACTLY the same age:

    Feb 8, 2011 (Riley)
    Feb 8, 2009 (Avery)

    Friday, February 04, 2011

    Thoughts from Avery

    A conversation in the car with Avery:
    Avery: "we got her at the baby store" (aka babiesRUs)
    Me: "who?"
    Avery: "Riley"
    Me: "oh really?"
    A: "yeah we had to put her together"
    Me: "oh yeah?"
    A: "yeah..." pause. "God made Riley... And mommy... And my carseat"

    Thursday, February 03, 2011

    the progression of a puff

    mommy sticks it on the tongue
    "what is this?!"

    not so sure about this...

    ok, I like it!
    a lot!
    I think Riley's actually consumed one.. or maybe two puffs total in the week or so I've given them to her. I use it more as a toy/distraction so I can get up and do a few things in the kitchen without her yelling at me =)

    Tuesday, February 01, 2011

    when you got it... flaunt it

    and Riley sure does have chubby baby cheeks... i love it