The Usticks: March 2008

Monday, March 31, 2008

Was it worth the wait?

Saturday night Brent and I decided that we wanted Chinese food. We had just gotten home from attending a wedding at church and we were hungry for dinner! Wanting to take advantage of these last few months of just the two of us, we decided to make it a real nice evening and splurge and go get "real" Chinese food at PF Chang's downtown in the Pembroke area. We had been a few times before to eat there, but never just the two of us. We were quite excited about a nice evening out!

Brent dropped me off at the door while he went to park the car, knowing it would probably be good to get our names on the list ASAP since it was a Saturday night after all and there might be a little bit of a wait. Well I go inside to put our name on the list and the hostess says, "It will be 2 and a half hours." I almost panicked and ran away, but thinking she must be padding the time generously just because it was Saturday night and surely it won't be THAT long - who would seriously wait that long anyway? I go ahead and put our name on the list and wait for Brent to arrive so we can decide together if we want to stay or not.

Brent's jaw dropped when I said "two and a half hours" (understandably so!), but when I told him surely it can't be THAT long, he agreed and said "let's wait it out for a while." Mind you, there weren't more than 10 people waiting by the door that had come in before us. We initially arrived at PF Chang's at 7:05pm.

8 o'clock rolls around. Luckily we were able to snag two chairs inside so we could at least be sitting while we wait .. I definitely wasn't confident I could make a wait this long standing up! Most of the discussion between Brent and I centered around "should we keep waiting?" "surely we're next in line," "there's only two of us," "by the time we make it back home we'll be seated here, so let's stay." You know the deal where you say, "let's give it 20 more minutes and then we'll leave?" Yeah, we had that discussion MANY times! But the yummy smells of the food kept us waiting.

Luckily the main hostess was having a minor breakdown that evening. Twice we heard her mumble to her coworkers "I Quit! I can't take this anymore." I think she's taking her job a bit too seriously! She definitely wasn't having a good night and I surely didn't want to upset her more by asking where we were on the list of people to be seated! I waited until probably 8:45pm to go ask where we were on the list thinking she might leave to take one of her walks around the restaurant to glare at people not leaving their tables quickly enough. But she did not! So I got up and asked and she said "We have you on the list for 9:37pm." I'm thinking, ok, that's 2.5 hours exactly from when we arrived.. why didn't I just do that math myself and save this lady some trouble! Well, honestly I thought she might say, "you're next!" NOPE!

At this point, Brent and I had definitely made our final decision to stay. We were crazy enough to have waited 2 hours.. what's 30 more minutes! We discovered that probably 75% of the people eating there had made reservations. We realized this when droves of people would come check-in, wait the twenty minutes the hostess said they were behind on the "reservation people" by, and go get seated we realized we had done this the TOTAL WRONG WAY! What were we thinking?! Nobody comes here as a "walk-in." Obviously the wait would be too long.

LONG STORY short! We finally sat down at our table at 9:45pm. To answer the question of whether it was worth the wait?? WE MADE IT worth it!! And it was! We each ordered an entree and split an order of garlic noodles. AND we shared a dessert! YUM!

We definitely learned a lesson about PF Chang's! MAKE RESERVATIONS!!!

We made it home by 11:30 or so and, in the end, we can say we had fun together and enjoyed spending the evening together! Will we ever wait this long again? Probably not =)

Friday, March 28, 2008

NCAA update

For those of you following our little Bracket Competition I thought you might want to know where we stand as of right now. I am in the lead only by a little. We really think this is going to go down to the final game to see who has the most points at the end. I have UNC winning it all and Brent has Kansas winning it all.

Please root for me if you want to see Brent eat a salad! I will post pictures of this event if it does happen - I'm sure Brent will make the event quite entertaining! Plus, I don't think me going into sugar shock would be good for our little baby right now.. and that would happen if I lost and had to eat the Peeps! (Seriously though for those of you who are concerned at this point, Brent said he'd wait until after the baby is here for me to do my part of the bet if I lose) =) How nice! (Maybe he'll forget about it all together???)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Part II of the Tourney Wager

It's official.. Brent and I have shaken hands on the bet! If Brent wins and I lose, I have to watch my least favorite movie ever while eating my least favorite food ever. AND I have to write a one page, single-spaced, paper on the movie!

That being said, I HAVE to win!

NCAA Tourney Time!

It's that time again! Time to fill out those brackets. Brent is especially excited this year because he has decided we need to make it a little more exciting by making a friendly wager. We each have to come up with something the other one will have to do if we win. The stakes are high and I CANNOT lose!

Brent hasn't figured out what I will have to do if he wins, but I have a pretty good idea what I am going to make him do if I win. Here's a hint:

Yes, folks, I want Brent to eat a legitimate, leafy, green salad! One that does NOT include bacon bits, cheese, and croutons as the main ingredients. Brent will never convince me that is a salad! For those of you who know us pretty well, you know how much Brent dislikes salads.. as he said a few days ago, "lettuce has no taste... what's the point!" Well he better make good tournament picks or else he will be seeing GREEN!

Disclaimer: To those of you reading this worried that Brent is not getting his fill of vegetables, be aware that he does eat some vegetables! Green beans and green peppers are just two of the veggies he has been known to eat.

I better not get too carried away with this seeing as how Brent hasn't come up with his side of the wager yet. The preliminary choices he has mentioned so far are scary... and embarrassing! Let's just hope, in the end, he comes up with a good one. I will keep you all posted!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This is one of my favorite pictures from our trip to Maui. It was taken on our drive back down Mount Haleakala after we witnessed the sunrise bright and early that morning! The road had many twists and turns, some of which as you can see looked like they would take you right off the side of the mountain. It was such a neat feeling to be outside above the clouds.