The Usticks: Brent = Bob Villa

Monday, April 21, 2008

Brent = Bob Villa

Baby Ustick (I promise we'll name her soon) now has a place to sleep! Well, obviously we still need a mattress and bedding. Brent was a champ and put the crib together in no time! I walked downstairs to fix us a quick lunch on Saturday and about 10 minutes later Brent said he was more than half-way done! He's getting good at this handy-man stuff. I'll post a picture of the changing table we put together once I take one ;) For now, this is what we've got! Exciting!

(pardon the mess behind the crib.. it came wrapped in lots of packaging)


Krista & Matt said...

wow, that crib is gorgeous! way to go Bausti!

Brent said...

i remember when that crib was nothing more than a tree in the forest, waiting to be cut down, cut into the properly-sized pieces, carefully stained and treated, and assembled. all in a days work though! :)

abbey said...

That is such a pretty crib! Good job Brent!