The Usticks: 2 months already??

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2 months already??

It's so hard to believe Avery is already 10 weeks old! Avery is really starting to show more of a personality now- it's so fun. She's definitely cooing a lot more and smiling and squeeking. We think we're on the verge of a giggle! Avery loves napping in her swing these days. I was so close to giving the swing back to Brent's sister (who we borrowed it from in the first place) since everytime we put her in it she'd cry. But one day last week she started loving it! She watches the fish circle around above her and then she eventually falls asleep. It's nice because it allows me to do a few things around the house while she's occupied out of my arms!

Avery has also started to like her jungle gym mat. She giggles and kicks her legs a lot- good baby exercise. She loves having Daddy play with her!

I recently bought a mobile for her crib. It has 3 types of music that plays and jungle animals rotate around on the mobile. Avery loves watching it at night when she falls asleep. The cool thing about the mobile is that once it stops playing (after 10 minutes or so) it will restart the music if a baby cries for 15 seconds. It's voice-activated. Very cool! Avery hasn't settled down to just the music yet though- I always go in to calm her down as well. It'll probably work better once she's a bit older.

One day I was cleaning around the house and had Avery in the snugli. It was getting quite hard to bend down and move around a lot with her in it since she was fast asleep. Part of me didn't want to move too much in case it woke her up! So I decided to unhook the snugli and just lay her down on the bed and see if she'd stay asleep. It worked! She stayed asleep for 10 more minutes. I took a picture of it because I thought it was so funny.

Avery still isn't a big fan of "Tummy Time." Here's a video to prove it.

Here's a few more pictures to end the post!


Krista & Matt said...

Yay for video! I love it! Henry came racing over when he heard Avery - he must've thought Skype was on, haha.

She really likes that mobile - how cute! And I love the snugli picture :-)

Katy Van said...

Oh so cute guys! I love the videos!