The Usticks: where to begin?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

where to begin?

I have NO idea where to begin to recap the past 2 months. Last time I posted we were moving out of our condo. Now we're living in our house! We moved in this past weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out to help Brent move the furniture :) I did jack squat... well, I had the job of keeping Avery entertained.. not sure which job is more challenging ;) hehe. Avery is loving the extra room to roam around. She's still getting used to the fact we have more than 1 room in the downstairs.. I can't really turn a corner and be out of sight before she's calling out "momma!" to see where I've gone.

We did Christmas early with my side of the family while my sis and her fam were in town from North Dakota. We just did a few gifts for the kiddos... sooo fun! Avery LOVED my mom's Christmas tree and all the pretty ball ornaments. She quickly did some redecorating of the ornaments.

Avery loves to wear Brent's Patriot's ski cap:

Oh yeah, and did I mention this? :
pregnancy due date
June 18th, 2010... one day after Avery's birthday!


Sarah said...

Yayaya!!! Really, though, I think you should aim for the 21st ;).

LOVE you all!

Ash said...

I'm due June 19th :) yeah!

Katy VanRyckeghem said...

Congrats! this is so exciting!

suzannah said...

congratulations! (i'm a friend of brent's from w&m...not sure we ever met.) my babes are 23 months apart, and i think that's perfect timing:) hope you are feeling well.