The Usticks: Snowie!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Avery woke up this morning to a blanket of snow on the ground. She immediately began to say "snowie!" and "uch!" , which are her words for snow and touch. Snowie, by the way, is a character in one of her current favorite books about a make-believe snowy wonderland. I guess she thinks he might pop up in the snow outside! Brent whipped up waffles for breakfast- what a treat. We needed sustinance for our long trek to River Walk to pick up a shovel! Avery enjoyed seeing the snow all around, although she was slightly concerned since she kept saying "mess!" When we returned home, Avery insisted on watching Daddy shovel the driveway. I lasted all of like 5 minutes. It is SO cold out! 29 degrees is frigid to me (sorry for my wimpiness Krista! I'm sure you'd have a t-shirt on!) So in we went, but not before taking a few quick pictures to document the rare occasion.

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Sarah said...

Aw, love the pictures of AB!! We got a little snow (well, moving toward 6 inches I think) and are about to venture out in it soon. So, more pictures?!?! If not of your lovely self, at least of this new house you keep talking about. I'm not sure it's real! I'm sure it's absolutely lovely. Maybe I can get down some time and see it in real life! Love y'all!