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Thursday, February 25, 2010

swagbucks birthday!

Search & Win

I just had to repost about one of my favorite search engine sites. You can earn "swagbucks" when you use their search engine. I always redeem my swagbucks for gift cards.

Today is their birthday and there are lots of swagbucks to be won! Check it out! Once you're a member, you can refer other friends and you'll earn equivalent swagbucks when they do! It's kinda fun. I don't think I've gone 1 day without earning at least 1 swagbuck. And you only need 45 to get a $5.00 gift card. (Well, today they switched the swagbucks, so everything is x10 now. 1 old swagbuck = 10 newswagbucks).

It's pretty easy.. I made my homepage, so instead of typing in into the browser, I just take one extra step and type "gmail" into swagbucks and usually earn a "buck"! Sometimes I don't get one 'til the second or third search of the day. It's kinda random.

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kim said...

i see this everywhere, but i've never used it...i'll have to go check it out! thanks for keeping people like me up to date, lol :)