The Usticks: 5 months old!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

5 months old!

Yesterday Riley turned 5 months old! So far it's her best month yet ;) What's she up to, you ask?
  • she is starting to grab toys
  • tolerates playing on her back longer than a few minutes! 
  • likes jumping in the jumperoo.. especially if Avery is around for her to watch
  • eats a little rice cereal each evening during dinner time
  • still not a fan of tummy time
  • doesn't even know rolling over exists! 
  • still working on sitting up on her own.. she can do it for a little while before tumbling over
  • one bottom tooth is STILL working it's way in.. has been since she was just under 3 months old
  • takes 3 or 4 30-minute naps a day
  • hits a wall around 7pm and all she wants is to take a bath and go to bed
  • her bedtime is between 730 and 800pm
  • she now sleeps through 'til 4-530am and then eats and goes back to sleep for another 1-3 hrs
  • we ditched the swaddle blanket AND paci at night and naps 3 weeks ago today (we did the hotly debated tactic of "cry it out" and lemme tell you... it WORKED. The most she cried was 30 minutes the first few nights and she even stopped waking at her famous "30 min mark") She now just makes some noise and fusses a little or even cries a little and will put herself to sleep. It's the best thing I did for her.. she's been so much more relaxed and happy during the day. Now if only she'd learn how to nap!
  • but BY FAR her favorite activity of all time is watching her sis =) She sometimes even starts fussing when Avery leaves the room.

5 months

4 months

3 months

2 months

1 month

I'll end the post with a few more pictures.. 

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