The Usticks: happy 6 months, riley!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

happy 6 months, riley!

Today marks 6 months since Riley was born. It's hard to believe. Here's what you were up to this past month:
  • you sit up all on your own now
  • you still don't enjoy playing on your back .. or tummy
  • you've still never even attempted to roll over
  • you can pick toys up off the ground if they're nearby while you're sitting
  • you are a pro at putting the paci in your mouth.. and taking it out
  • you're in 9 month and 12 month clothing, and moved you up to size 4 diapers a week ago (little miss thunder-thighs over here)
  • you eat a little rice cereal each night at dinner time, and occasionally eat a little oatmeal in the morning (when I think of it!)
  • you still nurse every 3 hrs during the day and up until a week ago when you got sick you would go upwards of 9 hrs without eating at night
  • you still do your 30 minute cat naps.. you average 3 of those a day
  • bedtime moved earlier this month.. baths are at 630/645 and you're in bed by 715ish
  • until you got sick you were sleeping until 330-430am to nurse and then go back to sleep for another 2 hrs or so.. since you've been sick, let's just not talk about it! you're up 4-7 times a night now
  • you still LOVE watching your sis play
  • I haven't picked up on any favorite toys you have.. you will smile at your pink musical bug most often
  • you will fall asleep and nap in the car.. 30 minutes.. even with Avery chatting away next to you
  • we moved you to the "sitting up" side of the infant tub this past week.. you love it!
  • your baby bald spot is disappearing on the back of your head.. your hair is coming in more now and it's very blonde!
  • you have the CUTEST smile.. you love smiling at mommy, daddy, and avery
  • you're excited to see your Uncle Travis for the first time next week! He deployed two days before you were born.
  • you're still in your infant car seat. we're trying to hold out moving you into the next car seat until our road trip in January.. since we know you'll nap in your current seat =)
  • I'll update with your stats on Friday after your doctor's appointment.. but I'm pretty sure you're topping the charts weight-wise.. love my little chunky monkey!
  • update: you weigh 19.1 lbs (above 95%ile) and you're 25.25" long (35%ile)

Riley at one month.. we've come a long way, kiddo!

Here's Avery at 6 months to compare!


Ash said...

what a sweet dolly! :) she is adorable! you are such a great mom, liz!! i love watching you with your girls! happy 6 months riley!!

Anonymous said...
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esckorea said...

The baby looks so adorable ^ ^

esckorea said...

The baby looks so adorable ^ ^