The Usticks: Riley is 15 months old!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Riley is 15 months old!

Update time again!  Riley is 15 months old today! She is SUCH a happy girl. She is constantly on the move. Girl doesn't stop. She can understand so much now and communicate with us. She nods yes and no to things we ask, and says "yea" and "no" too. She's learning lots of new words. We can understand her saying cracker, cookie, cheese, bite, wawa (for water), up, help (which sounds just like up), more (which she says a lot =), car, dada, mama (finally!), Avery (sounds like "a-wee", "buh" for book, ball, and "craw" for crawl. And she does lots of jabbering. She can clap and wave and say "hi" and "bye bye". She can point to her nose when asked. And she recognizes lots of things we talk about... like she knows what it means when we say "go outside".. she runs for the door. She is branching out a little more these days on what she eats. Not crazy variety, but she won't throw a fit when we show her a new food. She just will drop it off her tray or fuss until I take it away if she thinks she won't like it. Milk is still on her "no" list. Luckily she eats yogurt and cheese easily. She's getting better at using a spoon. Probably from all her playing with it in the tub drinking bath water! She still sits backwards in the car since she couldn't handle facing front and seeing me in the front seat! I am in NO rush to turn her around. She's been walking for a while, but she can walk really fast now. She usually trips all over the place if she gains too much momentum... most likely from trying to keep up with big sis.
She still takes 2 naps most days. Always a morning nap, but doesn't always fall asleep for her afternoon nap. She handles being tired SO much better than Avery did at this age! (knock on wood). Avery would just meltdown like crazy if she was even remotely overtired. I love how Riley is different than Avery in a lot of ways, but they are similar, too. Riley is such a cuddlebug. I can honestly never remember Avery resting her head on my shoulder EVER.. even when sick. But Riley does it a lot. I like it =)
We're loving every day with Riley. She's turned into such a happy girl. Makes the memories of the hard first 10 months of her life fade away. Happy 15 months RyRy!

sweet, clean baby

anyone want a wipe?!

trying on avery's leotard.. she started spinning right away

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