The Usticks: NCAA Tourney Time!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

NCAA Tourney Time!

It's that time again! Time to fill out those brackets. Brent is especially excited this year because he has decided we need to make it a little more exciting by making a friendly wager. We each have to come up with something the other one will have to do if we win. The stakes are high and I CANNOT lose!

Brent hasn't figured out what I will have to do if he wins, but I have a pretty good idea what I am going to make him do if I win. Here's a hint:

Yes, folks, I want Brent to eat a legitimate, leafy, green salad! One that does NOT include bacon bits, cheese, and croutons as the main ingredients. Brent will never convince me that is a salad! For those of you who know us pretty well, you know how much Brent dislikes salads.. as he said a few days ago, "lettuce has no taste... what's the point!" Well he better make good tournament picks or else he will be seeing GREEN!

Disclaimer: To those of you reading this worried that Brent is not getting his fill of vegetables, be aware that he does eat some vegetables! Green beans and green peppers are just two of the veggies he has been known to eat.

I better not get too carried away with this seeing as how Brent hasn't come up with his side of the wager yet. The preliminary choices he has mentioned so far are scary... and embarrassing! Let's just hope, in the end, he comes up with a good one. I will keep you all posted!

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Laura Oliver said...

I am pulling for you Liz! Make sure you get him some nice non-fat rasberry dressing! :)