The Usticks: NCAA update

Friday, March 28, 2008

NCAA update

For those of you following our little Bracket Competition I thought you might want to know where we stand as of right now. I am in the lead only by a little. We really think this is going to go down to the final game to see who has the most points at the end. I have UNC winning it all and Brent has Kansas winning it all.

Please root for me if you want to see Brent eat a salad! I will post pictures of this event if it does happen - I'm sure Brent will make the event quite entertaining! Plus, I don't think me going into sugar shock would be good for our little baby right now.. and that would happen if I lost and had to eat the Peeps! (Seriously though for those of you who are concerned at this point, Brent said he'd wait until after the baby is here for me to do my part of the bet if I lose) =) How nice! (Maybe he'll forget about it all together???)


Sarah said...

Fingers are crossed! Hi Poooooh :)...your auntie can't wait to meet you!!!

Bekah said...

So funny that you guys are doing a bracket competition with such high stakes! EEK! I also hate PEEPS...nasty! Anyway...Bobby and I thought of doing something like that...but never did. Too bad...cuz my bracket is winning. Man!


abbey said...

I'm rooting for you Liz!