The Usticks: a discovery

Monday, July 13, 2009

a discovery

Let me start by saying that Avery extremely dislikes being on her back. Very rarely have we caught her "playing" on her back since she's learned to sit up/crawl. I ran downstairs to grab some water and I come upstairs to find THIS: Avery is totally relaxing on her puppy eating an animal cracker watching Clifford on PBS. It only lasted a minute until she was on the move again.


"Hey MOM! I need help... NOW!"

Here's the sunscreen... ready for the beach!

Snuggling with Elmo

She did it again later! This girl loves dogs. Clifford the big, red dog is right up her alley.

All in all, she's been a pretty happy girl today considering I discovered ANOTHER new tooth coming in. That's #3 for the week.

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The Brooks Family said...

Hahaha, that's awesome she lays on them!!! How cute is that. And cutting so many teeth at once?! She's on a roll!