The Usticks: slacking off!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

slacking off!

I haven't really been good about taking many photos lately... probably because Avery gets SO curious about the camera, I can't get far enough away from her to take an actual picture! Anyway, here's one from yesterday. My mom was visiting for the day and told me this is exactly what I used to do as a baby... play with bags. Avery kept taking the inner plastic bag in and out and then closing up the big bag and trying to lift it and walk around (it was super heavy..).

This was from a few days ago... Brent loves it! Can you blame him? She's got good hands already! haha!

(she's actually walking and throwing the ball... but, doesn't it look like she's actually catching it instead??)


Laura2sing said...

It's good that Avery knows the difference between paper and plastic! She will be able to help you at the grocery store!

Adrienne said...

Wow! Brent must be so proud...