The Usticks: a birthday party and other happenings

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a birthday party and other happenings

August 21st was Avery's cousin Addison's 2nd birthday! So Saturday we headed over to her house for a little birthday celebration. It was so much fun! Avery always enjoys playing with Addy's toys. Here Avery is watching over the gift-unwrapping.

Addison received a Mrs. Potato Head from her dad, Travis. He shipped it from overseas since he's still on deployment.

Here's the birthday girl!! Isn't she cute? I love that smile! She's playing with a pink cell phone =)

This girl knows how to do it! Talking on the phone while driving... she's already a good multi-tasker! I wonder what the cell phone laws will be in 15 years once she's actually driving?

What a sweet cousin! Addison stopped to give Avery a peck on the back of the head while she was pushing her around the house. I had no idea Avery was going to love this car so much. Addison was so nice to let Avery play with it for so long!

Sunday I came down with a cold and just felt like a truck had hit me. Brent totally came to my rescue and offered to take Avery to church with him while I stayed home to sleep. It was SO nice. I slept for 4 extra hours.. definitely would NOT have happened with a 1 year old around. On his way home he brought Chinese food and Avery enjoyed playing with the chopsticks.

Later, I asked Avery for a tissue, and this is what she did:

I love this next picture because Avery actually kept on the bow in her hair... She's definitely not an "accessory" girl YET. I have a feeling she will be eventually given how much she loves my Mom's jewelry when she comes to visit. She wants nothing to do with hats, bows, socks, or shoes. (I have recently overcome the shoes issue, though. Hooray!) Anyway, I grabbed the camera when she came at me like this. I have wished the past year that she would wear hair bows, especially in public, because I get the BOY comments so often-- even now! This, surely, would make her look like a girl, right? Since the pink outfits do not.

Avery is into "headstands" lately. She even does them with no hands. Occasionally I'll help her flip over and do a somersault. She likes that.

Avery and her tub of wipes. Two dollars well spent =) ... hours of entertainment.

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Great pix! Love the headstand!