The Usticks: a girl and her "apple"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a girl and her "apple"

Ok, so the story leading up to this picture is quite funny to me. Just as a heads up, Avery's latest word is "apple." She and I headed out to Wal-mart today to grab some produce. We had literally just arrived in the produce section when she starts calling out "apple! APPle! APPLE!" and pointing like crazy towards the "bins" of apples, corn, green peppers, and nectarines. I panicked and started moving quickly past the bins to grab some zucchini (Brent's favorite) hoping she'd forget about the apples and move on. "APPLE!" Ok then I was frantically thinking how horrible of a mom I'd be to let my daughter hold an apple while we shop? I would, of course, end up paying for it! I had just arrived and wasn't ready to leave! Would anyone notice? Would a Wal-mart employee stop me and ask if I'd paid for that yet?! So I quickly decided it would be okay since I would purchase said apple at the end! Well, I accidentally grabbed a nectarine in the commotion. I handed it to Avery and she was THRILLED to finally be holding her "apple." Not two minutes later I glance down at her and she's CHEWING! Avery had already taken a few bites out of what I now notice to be a soft, juicy nectarine. I panic for a brief second and realize all I need to do is pick up a few more nectarines to add to the bunch and go pay for them! In the end it was one of Avery's quietest and happiest trips to the store. She would NOT let the nectarine go... by the time we got home and sat down for lunch she had eaten over half of it. I'm just amazed at how she learned to eat something like that on her own... and she didn't drop it once. Now THAT truly amazes me =)


The Brooks Family said...

Wow!!! That's hilarious!! I'm so impressed!

Jen and Justin said...

Too cute! Looks like it was a yummy "apple"!

Anonymous said...

I could see the WHOLE event! Quite a memorable trip!