The Usticks: animal crackers are not cookies, mom

Thursday, September 10, 2009

animal crackers are not cookies, mom

I made the mistake of asking Avery after lunch yesterday if she wanted a cookie. Avery is just now understanding what I mean when I ask that... and guess what? I actually had NO cookies! Oops! I figured an animal cracker would do... NOPE =) I suppose the girl knows what the good stuff is now. Animal crackers are "crackers" and a "cookie" must be round and have chocolate chips.

Avery does say a few more words now. "Puppy" is definitely her most frequent word! She says it clear as day now. Her newest one, as of yesterday, is "sticker." And her word for duck is "quacker." She knows "nope" or "no" and she can say "help".. it's more like "elp!" And her word for done is "none." I'll ask her if she's done with eating and she says "NONE!"

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