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Thursday, September 24, 2009

an apple a day

We went in today for Avery's 15 month well-baby appointment. Not a whole lot to report... Avery got a clean bill of health. She's only gained 1 single pound in 3 months! I suppose all the running around Avery does now is paying off! Her height is up 1.5" to 31 inches. They say she's on the tall side for her age. Then came the shots! All 3 of them. Avery did cry... a lot! But she managed to blurt out "STICKER!" when I pointed down to her shiny new sparkly bandaids on her legs. Here's a picture of them.

Avery's vocabulary is just growing like crazy. Last weekend we went up to williamsburg to visit my family and we got inside the house and saw all of her cousin Henry's matchbox cars. She points to them and says "Car!" I had no idea she knew it. I love it when she blurts out with a new word. I haven't written ANYTHING down for memories... I'm horrible at documenting things like that. I'll try and make a list now since one of the main reasons I write on this blog is for our own personal use to document Avery's life.

these are words she says and knows what they mean:
1st word: ball
2nd word: puppy
mama... morphed into mommy now
choo choo (for train)
quacker (for duck)

words that are on the cusp:
octopus (it's ahh-pus right now)
Tee (for TV)
please (it's peasssss right now)

sounds she makes:
ruff ruff/ arf arf (for dog)
oo oo aah aah (for monkey)
oooooo (moo for cow)

i even think she's learning the words to twinkle, twinkle.. if i'm too slow starting the next phrase, she'll either say "up a" or "how" for up above... and how i wonder...

and she's quite the finiky girl when she plays! for example, when we start singing she'll go get a few animals and bring them to me to make them dance around while we sing... it ALWAYS happens. I can't start singing "twinkle, twinkle" without her going to get the nursery rhyme book she has with the words and pictures in it. it's so funny how quickly she learns and grows accustommed to a certain way things "need" to be for her when she plays!

it's really fun right now because she is understanding so much lately. she's able to answer yes and no to questions and it really seems like she understands what we're asking. she definitely learned "No" before yes :)

so that's the update for now... I needed to jot some things down before I forgot them... my memory is even shorter now than it used to be!

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