The Usticks: 26 weeks

Thursday, March 11, 2010

26 weeks

Today marks the 26th week of baby #2 (yet to be named). I realized I haven't really done any updates on the baby. My sister just had her second boy last night (so excited!) and it donned on me to do a little blog post update. Well that, and I've had some requests to post a "belly pic." ;) Taking pictures of myself is SOOOO not me! But I figured what the heck... I think I finally took a picture of myself pregnant with Avery around the 36 week mark... and it was never made public .. so who knows what I looked like before that! So here it is.. 26 weeks on the dot:

My main struggle lately? Figuring out where best to perch Avery while holding her.. on my side, in the front, ?! Too bad she still doesn't hold on to me while holding her. I can't for the life of me figure out why she never grasped the "hold-on-to-mommy-with-my-hands" thing. ;)

The little ticker on the right-hand side of the blog says I have 98 days left.. 98 days 'til baby girl's due date AND Avery's second birthday. What a great date! I wonder what Avery's going to think of having a little sister around the house?

So far so good on the diet-front. I've gotten an A+ from the doctor each time I show them my blood sugar numbers. Luckily this time around I've realized I don't have to eat like a rabbit 100% of the time, or be Mr. Atkins' #1 follower.

I recently went through and sorted all of Avery's baby clothes. I can't believe she was ever that tiny. I'm looking forward to seeing the clothes get worn again!


Jen and Justin said...

You look great! Sounds like you need a sling to assist with Avery :)

Ash said...

you look so beautiful!
i love that we are so close in our due date :)

Adrienne said...

You look so adorable!!! Glad things are going so well :)

The Brooks Family said...

Lookin' good sis!! It just dawned on me - what if you carry Avery facing out and resting her bum on your hip? I dunno, maybe then she wouldn't be able to throw herself backwards. She is so stinkin' strong though! It baffles me too that she never holds on!

Les said...

I had gest. diabetes with Sophia... didn't realize you did too! Sure bet not to gain too much weight though don't you think?

Brent and Liz said...

Les- definitely!