The Usticks: getting ready for baby sis; a play-by-play

Friday, March 19, 2010

getting ready for baby sis; a play-by-play

step 1: learn to put a diaper on

step 2: make sure you have a placemat under baby to protect furniture

step 3: get closer to the baby to make the job easier

step 4: hug the baby

step 5: play catch with the baby

step 6: remember to repeat step 5 because it was so fun!

step 7: quickly do something mischievous (i.e. stand up on furniture) to see if mommy is paying attention

step 8: consider repeating step 1 since baby no longer is wearing diaper

step 9: put pacifier in baby's mouth for naptime

step 10: teach little sis how fun empty boxes are!


The Brooks Family said...

Hahaha, this is my new favorite post :-) My favorite is step 7!!

Katy VanRyckeghem said...

too cute! i love the idea of training her ahead of time- maybe she can do the midnight bottle feedings???