The Usticks: ready to ride

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ready to ride

Avery's cousin Addy lent us her old bike. I think we have one VERY satisfied customer. Avery loves it! Each day she makes progress with pedaling and steering. Brent's even trying to teach her "left" and "right" ... they come in contact with the curb quite a bit ;) Avery does take numerous riding breaks to check out the tassels and horn. It's quite a sight. "Avery! Look forward! Watch where you're going!" In her defense, the pink and purple iridescent tassels look mighty pretty when blowing in the wind. I'd probably stop and check them out too.

And Riley is taking major strides in the "standing" department. She was letting go for more than a second or two today. She had a few instances where she would stand on her own for like 10 seconds! She always has a huge grin on her face when she does it. I think she knows she's hot stuff. Haha.

whatcha doin' mommy??

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