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Sunday, June 26, 2011

how to... wash a car

This post is inspired by THIS ONE of Avery getting ready for baby sis back in March 2010.

How to wash a car. Step by step ... by Avery
Step 1: Take off your shoes and get out bucket, soap, and any and all sponges you see (3 is way better than 1). Fill up bucket with sudsy water. Sponge your feet off. Must have clean feet to wash a car.

 Step 2: Examine the soapy sponge

Step 3: Smile because washing cars is so much fun!

Step 4: Examine the suds on your finger, too

Step 5: Walk on the sponge to make soapy footprints on driveway

Step 6: Step into the bucket to maximize the amount of soap you can get on your feet

Step 7: Smile because you forgot you are actually supposed to be washing a car and not playing with soapy water ;)

Step 8: Step on the sponge yet again... they are very squishy and soap squirts out when you jump on them

Step 9:

Step 10: Show mommy your soapy hands. You are hard at work

Step 11: Empty bucket because it's way more fun to play in water than to use it for washing cars

Step 12: Go swimming in the bathtub. Washing cars is dirty work!

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