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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Riley's ramblings

silly face
Some days I can't believe Riley is old enough to be talking and understanding what I'm saying to her. She's starting to say a few more words. I swear I heard her say "apple" yesterday! She loves eating those dried apple bites. She saw the bag and said, "apple." She said "hi" to a lady walking by her in the shopping cart yesterday. The lady stopped in her tracks and was like, "hi sweetie!" Haha.. moments like that make me smile. I really have no clue if she actually knows the word "hi" ... but she babbled it at the right moment. She will say "hello" when she plays with a phone. And will hold it up to her ear. I think she's learning the word "crawl." Everytime she goes to the stairs either Avery or I will say the word crawl. A few times yesterday, Riley said "CRA!" when she reached the stairs. Oh, and she's saying "yea" for yes and nodding her head when I say or show her something she wants. And she vigorously shakes her head no when it's not what she wants =)

Riley LOVES to push her little walker toy around. But beware of her bumping into a wall. She will scream immediately! I can't wait until she learns to move it herself. And if Avery ever so slightly even comes near it or touches it while she's walking with it, she'll turn on the water works and just lose it. It's hard not to laugh. Poor girly wants to play with it so bad, and can't stand the thought of sharing it!

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That is so sweet!!!!