The Usticks: No way!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No way!

Avery rolled over today from her tummy to her back! I wasn't quick enough to capture it on video, but I will try again later! Hopefully I can post it soon.

In other news, Avery went the whole night without eating! I guess she technically "slept through the night," but it did involve me up every hour or so to soothe her back to sleep with her pacifier. This is something I've always done, and at least once or twice during the night she couldn't be soothed back to sleep from crying and would need to eat. Not last night! Hopefully this is just the beginning and in time she will get better at soothing herself back to sleep.. or not waking at all!

Yesterday we went in for her 4-month doctor appointment... I'm guessing the shots did her well!

Avery's new thing is to sit in her bouncer seat with her feet up in the air!

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The Brooks Family said...

Go Avery!! Man, getting up to put the paci back in all night is no fun - I remember that! It won't last forever though, thank goodness!