The Usticks: Working on new skillz

Friday, October 31, 2008

Working on new skillz

This is a video of one of Avery's new skills.. chewing on her corn teether.

Last weekend it was Homecoming up at William & Mary. We headed up to spend the weekend in Williamsburg at my parent's house. My sister and her fam came to visit, too. It was a blast! One of the main objectives for the visit was to get a photo of the two kiddies for my mom's christmas card. What a hoot! Avery B had on her striped xmas outfit and Henry had on a red "Ho Ho Ho" shirt. Let's just say Avery was a steady rock, but Henry had a new face in each photo! I don't think Henry knew what to do sitting next to his cousin... especially when Avery started leaning on him with her left arm. So cute! Here's a few shots from the scene.

Avery loves her auntie!
Avery is getting much better at holding objects. Lately anything in her hands goes straight into her mouth.
This girl LOVES to stand. She's so happy when we hold her up. She locks her knees and stands straight up. She might pass right by sitting and go for walking. (just kidding!) I've been trying to help her sit on the floor lately, but it's hard because she straightens herself out and lunges backwards!

Here's a rare happy moment sitting in her bumbo seat:
This video was from last night when Avery was sitting up in Brent's lap.


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! I love it!!! Especially the second video. I can't believe how big she's gotten. LOVE to you all! :)

The Brooks Family said...

LOVE the videos! So hilarious how H was so nervous about Avery! I showed him one of the videos at lunch and I told him that it was of Avery. Then I showed him the second video about 20 minutes later (after doing other things) and said nothing about who it was. When it ended, he pointed to the computer and said, "Avwee Bee!!!" No lie.