The Usticks: Where does the time go?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Where does the time go?

I just realized how long it had been since I did a post on the blog! Yikes! We had a great end to the summer. My sister and her family are temporarily stationed up in Maryland until December- their permanent home is in North Dakota. We have been taking every opportunity to see them as much as possible! Brent, Avery, and I took a little trip up to see them the weekend the hurricane was nearby. Boy, did we sure drive through some torrential rain. Avery astoundingly napped the entire trip up minus the time she was up to eat once. What a champ! Did I mention it took us about 5 hours to get up there? Friday evening traffic in rain is NOT good. We so enjoyed our long weekend with family. We walked around the Baltimore Harbor and ate at a little food court. Krista and I pushed our little ones in their respective strollers while Matt (krista's husband) and Brent walked alongside. On the way home we ventured to find a local gelatto place Brent had come across while researching fun places to eat in Baltimore. We almost didn't stop because the neighborhood it was in looked quite sketchy. But alas, our hunger for gelatto prevailed and we stopped. It was super tasty. I got the chocolate hazelnut flavor... think Nutella. We also visited Covenant Life Church up in Gaithersburg on Sunday. I mostly saw the lobby and hallways due to Avery not wanting to sit quietly in the sanctuary! But they were very nice. All in all it was an awesome trip. I'm so glad we got to visit. Oh! I almost forgot. One of the coolest things of the trip was seeing our nephew, Henry, start walking by himself back and forth between people! It was so cute!


The Brooks Family said...

That was such a great weekend!! So much fun - I miss you guys!!!!

Jonathan and Missy Wetherington said...

Of course Brent researched interesting places to eat in Baltimore...that's funny! :)