The Usticks: A post directly from Avery

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A post directly from Avery

Can you see my tooth poking through?? It's in the middle on my bottom gum. I've been a bit cranky the past few days, but Mommy and Daddy are hanging in there and taking good care of me. I'm excited to be growing up! My parents aren't as thrilled... they say it's happening too fast. The doctor said I wouldn't get teeth until I was at least 6 months old. Whoops! I tricked them!

Mommy kept poking her finger in my mouth to see my tooth, but I just stuck my tongue out instead! It was a fun game. See?

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Jen and Justin said...

Liz, Avery is getting so big! Since the post have slowed... I've got the perfect way to get you posting again (I'm a stay at home wife who needs entertainment:).

I was tagged so I'm tagging you. Go to you picture folder and post the 5th picture from the 5th folder. Can't wait to see your picture!!