The Usticks: Teeth!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Thanks to Aunt Kennan, we discovered Avery is cutting two bottom teeth! She and Travis were taking care of her Saturday night while Brent & I attended the Access Singles Meeting at church and they told us when we got back that Avery had at least one tooth coming in. Brent and I had been thinking since Friday that she wasn't her usual happy self when we were out and about. No wonder!! The little girlie had something going on in her mouth. Today I can see two teeth coming in. She's chewing on anything she can put in her mouth these days! I know people say that baby's sleep habits get disrupted and messed up while teething, but hey.. Avery isn't really sleeping much anyway! She actually did a TAD better the past week. And by that I mean she didn't get up at 12:30am every night! A few nights she went at least until 2 or 3am before crying. I guess a bedtime of 10:30pm will make her go longer before waking. AND she will go from a meal at 10pm to 5 or 6am. Yay! No more 3am meals for this little one! I consider that a small victory... now if only I can persuade her to not wake up every 30 minutes from 3am until morning!

Kennan and Addison came over Friday afternoon to hang out and lo and behold Avery turned over 3 times from her back to her tummy! She did it with absolutely no help from anyone. She had randomly done it once earlier on with a little help getting started, and she's rolled over a few times from tummy to back, but that's a rare occasion. This girl is reaching lots of milestones lately. Just in time for her 5 month bday!

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The Brooks Family said...

Good job Avery Bee! And that is great she's going longer at night without eating - maybe soon she'll figure out it's not worth it to keep waking up!