The Usticks: Rice Cereal

Monday, November 10, 2008

Rice Cereal

Well I can't say that it was Avery's first taste of rice cereal today. We've been thickening her bottles with rice cereal for well over a month now to help with the spitting-up. BUT... she did eat it for the first time today from a spoon! It was quite messy. Avery acted like she hadn't tasted rice cereal before by the looks on her face. The pediatrician said to wait closer to 6 months to try other foods out, so we're going to stick with rice cereal for now. About half-way through the meal Avery was figuring things out and she would open her mouth wider when I brought the spoon close. She only made a gagging face a few times :-)


The Brooks Family said...

way to go Avery Bee!!

Sarah said...

Tooooooo funny! :) What a little rockstar. :)