The Usticks: 1/32nd of the way there

Thursday, December 18, 2008

1/32nd of the way there

Yep.. as Brent says, Avery is 1/32nd of the way to driving. Yikes! Yesterday she turned 6 months old. She celebrated by sleeping 9 hours straight for the second time last night. Too bad I had the worst time falling asleep myself! Brent & I are thrilled she is finally getting the hang of sleeping soundly for long stretches. It only took 6 months for it to happen!

In other news, Avery likes peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Ok, so that's everything I've given her so far solids-wise, but she LOVES it! She gets really chatty when I'm feeding her and she loves putting her feet up on the highchair tray. Avery is really interested in our food when we're eating these days. If she's sitting in my lap she will crane her neck to follow my food from the plate to my mouth. When we put a cup with a straw up to her mouth she really tries to get it and start sucking! This girl is done with the baby stuff.. bring on real food, she says, enough with the bottles!

She loves to grab her feet and just stay there nowadays. It's so cute. Babies are so flexible!

I'm loving the sleepsacks by Halo. The one Avery has on is fleece and it keeps her nice and cozy during the night. It zips closed from top to bottom so baby can't get out of it at night. It's like a huge blanket, but there's no risk of it covering her face. This is good because Avery still holds her breath when something is covering her face! Yikes!


Brent said...

crazy how quick she's growing up, huh? i don't think i'm prepared for that part of parenting! :)

Les said...

So cute! Love the feet on the tray that is so funny :) Loved watching them "play" at church.