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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Things are going well around the Ustick house these days. Brent and I enjoyed our first Christmas with Avery. Both our families got together on the 25th for a nice brunch here in Chesapeake. It was yummy! Us old folks had fun watching Avery and Addison (her cousin) open and play with some new toys. Well Avery didn't so much open the gifts, but she loved munching on the bows!

Avery loves playing in the jumperoo... we're glad her cousin Addy was willing to share it for a while!
The pediatrician said we can try the sippy cup with Avery.. so far she thinks it's a chew toy- much like everything else these days! It's rare to catch Avery without something in her mouth! Maybe she'll be like her cousin Henry and use a bag of Sweedish Fish to teeth on. :-)

Here Avery is after we got home from the doctor having just gotten her 6 month shots.. poor thing!!
Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks..

Here's Brent feeding Avery the other night...

And here he is holding Avery when she was one week old.. look at how much she's grown!

She has mastered sitting up!
Chillin' with her feet up while daddy feeds her:

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Les said...

Yay she is sitting up! I just got that jumperoo for Sophia on craigslist-- she likes it too. Love the cow print:)