The Usticks: My First Christmas

Monday, December 08, 2008

My First Christmas

So I think my Mommy and Daddy like this place called Williamsburg, because they keep bringing me up here -- sometimes on weekdays with just Mommy, and then on weekends with both Mommy and Daddy. Apparently there's some famous couple named William & Mary up in Williamsburg that they talk about quite frequently. I don't know what that's all about. Grandma and Grandpa Rudy live in Williamsburg, and Grandma always has something special for me when we arrive...whether it be a pretty pink sleeper, or a new purple outfit, or a fun new toy for me to stick in my mouth.

And we're all up here this weekend to celebrate Christmas, which apparently is a VERY BIG holiday - so big, in fact, that Daddy and most other families put up giant conical trees with shiny lights in their living room for reasons I'm completely unaware of. Mommy told me we're celebrating Christmas early this year, because Aunt Krista and Uncle Matt and Cousin Henry have to drive back to North Dakota soon. I hope Henry has a comfy car seat. I'm gonna miss my cousin.

Speaking of car seats, the drive up to Williamsburg seemed to take FOREVER last night...apparently I'm supposed to sleep during the car ride, but my infant car seat is getting way too small for my growing legs. I'd like to see Mommy and Daddy try and nap for longer than 20 minutes in my infant seat. They said that they'll put in my bigger moo-cow car seat as soon as I stop spitting up after each meal. I hope I get better at that soon. But believe me, if I knew how to say "shotgun", I'd be sitting up front in the 4Runner passenger seat next to Daddy.

I did catch a few winks, though!

Aside from waking Mommy and Daddy up at 4:45 am because my paci was hiding under my neck, the best part of "Christmas" day so far was gathering around to exchange gifts. My other cousin Addy has an Elmo stuffed animal, and I really wanted a Cookie Monster stuffed animal to cuddle and play with (because Mommy always makes cookies that smell so yummy, even though I am not old enough to eat them). And I was so lucky to get Cookie Monster from Daddy.

Everybody was so generous to each was all so much fun that, except for photo-ops, I played on my back the entire time with my feet kicking up in the air, and while staring intently at the gift-giving extravaganza. I loved the sound of the crinkling wrapping paper.

Some other highlights included:

Daddy and the rest of the family gave Mommy this super-nice Nikon DSLR camera (I don't know, and I don't think even Daddy knows what those letters stand for) and an extra zoom lens so she can take even cuter pictures of me than she already does, from close up or from far away. Mommy was so excited.

Mommy gave Daddy some new running shoes -- they are so big, you can almost fit my entire body in one of them. At least now Mommy and I don't have to hear Daddy complain about achy feet and bruised heels after a run. Phew! And they smell much better than his old running shoes.

Uncle Matt got a cool remote controller for his Wii. One Wii is a video game, and two Wii's (WiiWii) is something I do in my diaper...I don't understand.

And the popular gifts my parents were giving out were framed 8 X 10 pictures of me on my tummy in my birthday suit. I hope those don't make my high school yearbook many years from now...that would be embarrassing. Although I must say, I do look pretty cute in it!

Aunt Krista opened up a little package that was really sparkly. Apparently Uncle Matt went to Jared!

Such cool presents all around...although I don't understand why Mommy didn't gnaw on her camera and why Daddy didn't stick his shoes in his mouth. When I get my hands on anything cool, I immediately try to put it in my mouth. I guess I don't understand adults.

Daddy whispered to me a few other surprises he has for Mommy on the other Christmas Day in three weeks. But I can't tell you would spoil the surprise. I'm so excited! I like it when he whispers in my soothes me when I'm getting cranky.

My Great Uncle Don and Great Aunt Pam cooked a ham for Christmas dinner. It smelled so yummy. However, since I only have two little teeth and don't hold down my formula and rice cereal all that well, I wasn't allowed to partake. Yet I get the last laugh...cuz Mommy and Daddy hold my bottle for me and I get to sit in their lap while eating. It's a good life.

Cousin Henry loves to do laps of the island in the kitchen. He will literally walk around and around and around it, clinging on to his matchbox "cuh-arrrs". It's like he's pretending to be Joshua and the island is Jericho. Mommy and Daddy read me that story from my Big Picture Storybook Bible.

OK, I gotta go -- it's time for my nap. I'm wiped out from all the festivities.

Oh, and Mommy's got one more gift to unwrap...and this one is in my diaper. :)


Jonathan and Missy Wetherington said...

That was so well written, Avery!! I really enjoyed it!!! :)
p.s. I Love your cookie monster.
p.p.s my dogs understand the whole put cool things in your mouth. They would have your daddy's shoes, mommy's camera, and your cookie monster in their mouth in no time! I'm not sure why everybody else hasn't caught on yet!

Les said...

Liz- I can't believe you got the Nikon!! I am jealous. Let's have a photo shoot of the girls :)