The Usticks: Shopping Cart

Monday, February 23, 2009

Shopping Cart

So this is Avery's new pose when I put her in a shopping cart. She gets quite a few giggles from people passing us by in the store. I readjust her every few minutes, but she always reverts back to this position! What can you do...?


Brent said...

why sit when you can lounge?

The Brooks Family said...

eeeexactly!! I love that cart cover - my fave colors :-) Henry won't sit facing backwards in the cart anymore, I have to sit him in the big part so he can look forward, hehe. Great picture!!!! I love her expression :-)

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! She is just practicing the correct position for watching sports in a recliner!
Great that she is so relaxed for shopping instead of being uphappy.

The new background looks really like Spring.
Aunt Pam

Adrienne said...

So cute! I love that shopping cart cover, where is it from?