The Usticks: When Avery attacks

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When Avery attacks

Avery loves playing with paper.. her latest victim was my Rachael Ray magazine. Here's what's left of it:

I can file this picture under "You Know You're a Mom When..."

My keys have multiplied :-)

The Usticks have all been battling colds lately. Avery first, then me and now Brent. Boo! We've been hanging out at home trying to rest up the past few days. We did travel up to Williamsburg this past weekend to stay at my parent's house. Brent got together with some of his guy friends from college for a good chunk of the weekend, and Avery & I spent lots of time with Mom and Dad. It was extra special because it was my Dad's birthday on Saturday. We celebrated with birthday cookies... yum! You can tell Avery was under the weather from how rosy her cheeks are!

The ride back home.. don't you love the car seat cover?