The Usticks: 9 months

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

9 months

Wow. 9 months old today! Brent thanks everyone for wearing green today to celebrate! Avery is becoming mobile... FAST. I love watching her explore and babble all day long. She has quite a vocabulary of non-words! "Baa baa ba" is her favorite phrase. Here are some photos from the past few days.

This is Avery in one of the most comfortable outfits (Go Patriots!) from her Auntie Sarah. Don't you just love her legs??

Avery likes to straighten her legs out when in the crawling position

Avery playing with my favorite clown as a kid!

Our little book-worm (shhh... don't tell her it's actually upside-down!)


Jen and Justin said...

I love the legs. Funny how we love the rolls on a baby... but not on ourselves :)

Her approach to crawling is actually a dreaded exercise in the military... the bear crawl! She must be so strong!

Adrienne said...

great pictures! i can't believe how fast the time goes

Brent said...

she's gonna win the presidential fitness award for chin ups when she's older!

Les said...

Oh the leggie rolls, so sweet :)