The Usticks: A Recap

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Recap

Each month I take a picture of Avery to document how she's growing. Here's what we've got so far! (it started out in her bouncy seat, then moved to the rocker when she was too mobile for the bouncy seat) The first picture is from Day 3 and then each month up until month 9.

Getting Avery "Wiggle Worm" Ustick to sit still this time was quite a challenge! Why sit still when there's books and blankets and papers to explore?? This is what happened in two minutes time:

She let me know she was done with having her picture taken by doing this:

Avery really loves playing with our volleyball. I think she wants to grow up and be like her mom and dad who both love playing. She comes out to support her dad at church this year as he plays. She likes it best when he spikes the ball down on the other side of the court-- his team does, too! Maybe she'll grow up to be a middle hitter? (her Grandpa Rudy would love it!)


Brent said...

i like the leg and arm extension while she's playing in the chair. excellent form -- like a figure skater.

The Brooks Family said...

I agree Brent! I was just about to comment on that one - I think that's my fave. So proud she likes the volleyball :-) That girl will have lots of family members to "pepper" with when she's older! I love when she sat backwards in the chair, hilarious. I miss my Bee :-(

Jen and Justin said...

Wow! It's so amazing to see how babies change during the first year... so neat!

Jessica said...

I love the two-minute photo montage. She is active!!! And just wait, soon she'll be able to run all around the house... :-)