The Usticks: Balls and Books and Teeth, oh my!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Balls and Books and Teeth, oh my!

Avery still loves that volleyball!

In other news, she's getting her 8th tooth! Phew.. she's on the fast track. Her 9-month doctor's appointment went great the other day. She didn't even flinch when they pricked her big toe to draw blood! What a champ. I can add that nurse to the LONG list of people who've called Avery a boy! I always feel so bad saying, "um, actually she's a girl... notice the pink/purple girly clothes she's wearing?" so I don't do that! I just answer back with "SHE'S....." and then they say "OH! I thought she was a boy." That's the best way I know how to fix it!

Avery got a new book from the doctor. Boy, was she excited! Books are BY FAR one of Avery's favorite things to play with, along with the volleyball. She'll sit in her room and crawl around books and open them up and turn the pages for a long time! It's so cute to listen to her babble as if she's talking to the books. In the evenings she will crawl over to Brent's lap and sit there while he reads to her. I love watching them together. Brent luckily doesn't mind reading them over and over and over again. I think he has The Rooster Struts memorized.

I can definitely say Avery is crawling now! She's getting better and better by the day. The doctor asked if she was "cruising" yet.. nope. Not yet. She's still working on the crawling thing. She does like to pull up on things and will get up on her knees a lot (especially in her crib when naptime is over). She's pulled up to standing a few times. She's very active and wants to get into everything! It's so fun. Here she is standing for a very brief second:

Here she is sitting still for a moment while plotting her next move!

And, lastly, here's AB with a remnant tear dripping down her face from when I didn't rush in quick enough to get her after she woke from her nap! How sad!


The Brooks Family said...

Hehe, I love all the pictures! I like the new one of her in the right column :-) What a smile!

And that nurse should've looked at Avery's file before she said anything! You'd think they would if they worked in Peds on a regular basis!

Brent said...

i thought Avery's tear was because i was at work and couldn't read stories to her