The Usticks: miss bee makes valentines!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

miss bee makes valentines!

making valentines!

And yes, I dressed Avery in her heart shirt without even thinking about it being Valentine's Day. Am I good or what? hahaha

Avery LOVES doing crafts. She puts on her focus face and dives right in. We made a trip to Wally World and picked out some construction paper and stickers for our Valentines. The cover to the pack of construction paper had a turtle on it, and for whatever reason Avery kept calling it "the turtle bible." She held on to the pack of heart and flower stickers nice and tight. She was SO excited. We made lots of Valentines today, too. It's all she wanted to do today! My mom nicknamed her Miss CEO.. and in true Avery fashion she was "helping" me make my valentines while she made hers =)

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