The Usticks: 8 months of riley

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

8 months of riley

Today Riley is 8 months old. Here's the latest and greatest:
  • you recently went through a major growth spurt because your sleepers fit last week and this week they are really too short for you. maybe that explains the random handful of 1-hour naps you had.
  • you are a pro at rolling over from back to tummy. this makes naptime loads of fun. you take even longer to settle into sleep and still only give mommy a 30 minute break... 3 times a day
  • you're starting to get into 12-18 mo clothes.. you need the length in the onesies, and let's face it.. the width, too.
  • you LOVE bathtime .. you're wanting so bad to crawl out of your tub now
  • when you roll over to your tummy you can really push up high with your arms (yes yes.. you're a super late bloomer in this dept).. i suppose you made up for it by sitting up solo early at 4 months.
  • you're still eating 2 meals of solids. breakfast and dinner. if avery doesn't steal your puffs, you get to munch on a few
  • bedtime is still at 7.. and you wake up 2-3 times between then and morning. you can stop doing that anytime.. i promise i'll be there when you wake up IN.THE.MORNING... i'm not THAT interesting =)
  • you like chewing on spoons... or ANYTHING.. everything goes in your mouth.
  • still no teeth
  • you hate it when mommy leaves the room.. or tries to do anything productive
  • you still nap in the car (yay!)
  • you still let mommy (only rarely) hold/rock you while you sleep (just this morning i rocked you for an hour since it was too early to start the day)
  • you give the BEST smiles.. I love it.. 

still have those bright, blue eyes

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    Jen and Justin said...

    Gorgeous blue eyes! Such a cutie pie!