The Usticks: she did it!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

she did it!

Here's a picture of Riley after she slept 'til 645am Thursday morning! What a night. She slept from 730pm to 645am. No feedings, no needing mommy at 12, 2 and 4am, no nothing. She was SO HAPPY that day. Girly needed her nighttime sleep. It started Saturday night when I was desperate and decided to see what Riley would do overnight if I wasn't to go in to her room to help her back to sleep everytime she woke up crying. She had a few crying spells that night, but managed to fall back to sleep by herself. Each night since then has been good. I only went in once each night after Saturday night until Wednesday night when I didn't go in at all. She's still been doing great.. usually going until at least 430 or later.
Her naps haven't changed one bit. Three 30-min naps seems to be her thing. If she's sleeping better at night, I don't care about naps! I'm up all day with Avery anyway. She's been markedly happier during the daytimes. This is what we wanted for her. Go Riley! We will continue to pray each night for Riley to get the rest her little body needs!

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abbey said...

YAAAY! that's awesome! happy for all four of you :)