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Friday, April 01, 2011

excited about plants

Last weekend Brent took Avery to McDonald's Nursery (no, not the fast food place) where they had an event going on to get little strawberry plants for kids. It was basically a thing where you went and potted your plant in a metal collander and were on your way. Avery had been talking about it for weeks leading up to it. She saw the flier Brent had and asked what it was about. So we told her and she thought it sounded fun and really wanted to go. She talked about using her watering can to water the strawberries. So far she's still really excited about it =) She jumps at the chance to water it herself each day. I'm hoping it grows some strawberries! So far it hasn't been sunny but one day since we got it.

Riley's getting quite mobile. She's not crawling yet, but she can move around the room. The past few days have been much kinder to Riley. She is playing some and not crying all day long! And she is starting to eat a little again. It's nice to see her happy again!

Aaaand here's what our family room looks like after a few hours of playtime inside. Phew that'll take a while to clean up!

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abbey said...

love the family room pic! haha...just finished cleaning up mine so I can enjoy it during naptime...but once he's up it'll be a disaster again..this little man knows how to make a mess!