The Usticks: Riley's 10 months old!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Riley's 10 months old!

Today we celebrate 10 months of Riley. Here's what you've been up to the past month:
  • last night you did about 5 crawl steps! you mostly try crawling when you want a toy avery has, or you see a cord you want or something electronic.
  • you've gained no weight since last month's check-up. The combination of getting teeth and being sick with 2 ear infections over the past 3-4 weeks made you cut WAY back on eating. You've pretty much only eaten oatmeal and applesauce the past month. Seriously.. at least 2 times a day if not 3. Nothing else will do. You've saved us money on buying baby food! hehe =)
  • You are branching out with your naps. We had a good 2 week stretch where it was fairly common for you to take hour long naps. You can do it, Riley! But you're back to the 30 min naps this week. You average 2-3 of those a day. Depending on how early you rise and shine for the day.
  • Bedtime is still at 7-715pm. You're still only waking up once a night to eat and go back to sleep. You've even slept through 3 times this past week 'til at least 615. Your mornings start anywhere from 630am on.
  • you LOVE LOVE LOVE the "cat piano" from Aunt Krista and the boys. It's one of your favorite toys.
  • you're a happy camper during tubby time.. your daddy and I love watching you and Avery play in the tub. You still use the baby tub.. you and big sis aren't ready for the freedom of being in the big tubby together. =) 
  • You like the infant swings at the park way better than your sis did at this age. You'll stay in it for a little while. It's a big help to me when I take you both to the park! A little hands free time to run around with Avery. I've realized this is a hard stage to take you to the park, though, because i can't set you down on the mulch since you try and eat it. And now that you're learning to crawl, I only set you down on the playground platforms if I'm right there with you so you don't crawl off! I think it'll be great when you walk and we can all run around together at the park. I'm pretty sure Avery is ready to slide with you!
  • You got your top two middle teeth a few weeks ago. Now your two bottom ones are coming in. 4 total as of today.
  • I can't think of anything else to write about right now because your big sis keeps needing me for things during her "naptime"... she moved to a big bed on Wednesday and has yet to fall asleep in it for naptime. At least she isn't crying today =)  So I'll end with a few pictures!
fussing.. but it's a good shot of her top two teeth!

this is your face when we take something away from you =(

work on that crawling, girl!

10 months old

 And a flashback to last month...
9 months old

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