The Usticks: knock-off take out

Monday, April 18, 2011

knock-off take out

Wow. I think I found a new way to make Chinese food at home. I've always just cooked up some chicken and poured a jar of General Tso's sauce or thai peanut sauce on and added rice. Well THIS will top those old meals. I wouldn't say I'm awesome in the kitchen. I can whip up some mean quesadillas and I have a few good meals in my repertoire. I'm no Rachael Ray. (by the way, who is? I suppose I, too, could make a meal her size and complexity if I had someone prep my ingredients, and organize my refridgerator and pantry so I didn't have to look for a single thing for more than .2 seconds). I digress. Your kitchen will seriously smell like PF Changs once you start cooking this jem. Ok, well maybe not quite that good... but at least it'll smell as good as your favorite take-out place!

Sun Bird... I found it at Wal-Mart

Yes, this meal is in our general rotation now for meals. Speaking of meals, I'm on week 2 of meal planning (and actually following through with it). I only went to the grocery ONCE last week!!! It was awesome. I planned ahead. Made 1 trip to the grocery and had everything I needed for our meals all week long. Even milk =) Here's hoping week 2 goes as smoothly as week 1. I even did our shopping for this week in about 20 minutes. Love that. Anyone reading have any good meals they like to make a lot? I'm open to suggestions. I need more meals to pick from! And the less "game time" prep and activity needed, the better!

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