The Usticks: Avery's first 'do

Monday, May 02, 2011

Avery's first 'do


Brent was a brave soul on Saturday and volunteered to take Avery to get her hair cut for the first time ever. I had done a few trims here and there, but her very fine, yet curly hair is SO hard to cut (in my very unprofessional opinion). Plus I never did anything drastic in fear that I might cut too much off, or make it look really funky. And her hair grows SO SLOW. As you can see because this is how long it's gotten in almost 3 years. Not much length got cut off. The ends got cleaned up and a little layering was done. AND she got some super cute bangs. Her once insanely crazy mane of hair looks more tamed and under control now. Thanks to Brent for taking her! He said she kept saying "I don't wanna take a hair cut" over and over while the lady was cutting her hair. Poor girly! Hopefully next time won't be so tough.


Ahhh.. Much better Miss Bee ;)

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Adrienne said...

Cute! Her hair and Joelle's look pretty similar, so hard to know what to do with it! Curls are fun though :)