The Usticks: Riley's 11 months old

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Riley's 11 months old

Here's the latest and greatest from the last month in the life of Riley:
  • you have mastered crawling
  • you started pulling up on things this past week.. you even stood for a good 5 minutes today while watching Avery play
  • you spent much of the last few weeks sick and pretty miserable. Poor girly. it's no fun to have your ear infections come back... ALTHOUGH you've been sleeping SO GOOD at night the past week. **knock on wood** We've finally had about 2 or 3 good days in a row. I think the meds have kicked in and you're feeling better. And the doc said you're teething, too. When is a baby NOT teething? =) You're working on #6 now. If you picked up the pace a little, I'd be okay with that!
  • you moved into the convertible car seat. finally. even napped once in it. you've gone where your sis never went before... napping in the car past 7 months old.
  • you still love tubby time... in the baby tub
  • your eating habits are quite amusing. shredded cheese is awesome in your book. you'll eat puffs and cheerios (as long as you aren't in your highchair). you like little bits of cheese quesadilla. you enjoy drinking water. juice? no thank you. not yet. you'll eat oatmeal and pureed fruit if you feel like it. YOu like guacamole, too. Hmm.. yeah that's about it! I think being sick + teething for like 2 months has made your appetite weird. You always eat good at grandma's house though!
  • You're up to just over 22 pounds. You've gained about a half pound in 2 months. 
  • You're still SUPER shy and bashful. As long as strangers don't get up in your face, you're okay =) But hey, who does like that?
  • You still do your 30 min naps, but you also do 40 min ones and hour and 15 min ones. you're kinda all over the map. But we're thankful you can nap longer these days if you want to. I'm guessing the crawling and standing up is helping wear you out.
  • you're mostly in 12-18mo clothes and still a size 5 diap. love those chunky legs!
11 months old

silly girl

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