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Monday, May 23, 2011


ready to swim!
I realized I didn't mention in her update the things Riley is starting to do. Riley is learning to wave. She loves waving at her daddy most of all. I'm going to say she "can" do all these things. Doesn't mean she ALWAYS will do it.. but she's working on it. She can wave when you say "hi riley" or "bye bye." She can clap when asked to. She can climb the stairs. Gotta be right there because she often likes to take a break and sit down and want to go back down the stairs. Silly Riley. She can pull up and stand against things. Anything. She is starting to cruise things. A few times she's stood up and let go and stood for a few seconds. Nothing big though. She had a blast at the pool yesterday. Third time to the pool this summer and she got in and crawled ALL around. She especially enjoyed splashing with Avery. I was joking that Avery goes to the pool to get in the water, but Riley goes to snack. I think she managed to snack her entire way through the last trip to the pool. =) Ok, I'm sure there's lots more things Riley can do, but I've run out of them right now.

We're excited for the summer. Hoping it's full of lots of days at the pool. In years past, we've always frequented the park mostly. I'm stumped this year though.. any tips on what to do with an 11 month old at the park?! It's too dangerous to let her crawl on the equipment since she would seriously crawl right off it. I can't set her down on the mulch because she'd try to eat it. She's not into the swings for more than a few minutes. And I can't carry her around the whole time while Avery plays! Maybe I'm missing something totally obvious because I know I'm not the first person to have a baby and a toddler at the park. =) Help, please!


abbey said...

will she stay happy in her stroller for long? you could stroll her around while avery plays?

The Brooks Family said...

I know!! I always wonder this too. Our playground has a slide with two chutes side by side, and Henry and Wally like to slide down at the same time. That's all I've figured out so far, haha.