The Usticks: Just a few pictures!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Just a few pictures!

Avery's been quite the girl on the move these days! Every time I look away for a second she's rolled over! With all the added activity during the day Avery is sleeping SO great at night! It took 6 months for her to sleep more than 2 hrs at a time, but boy... now all of a sudden we're getting 11-12 hours out of her a night. I think she knew it was time for her mommy to sleep in an actual bed.

Ok, here are some pictures from the last week or so.

Playing in the bathroom while I take a shower:

The miracle blanket.. or should I say the RETIRED miracle blanket!

A rare picture of Avery AND me!

Avery's ready for coffee!


The Brooks Family said...

All of this new blog action is spoiling me :-) Great pics - SOOOOOO excited that she's sleeping so long now!!!! Yahoo! I love the one of you two with her high chair :-)

Brent said...

avery would have definitely disliked coffee had she spilled it on herself!

Sarah said...

Is it silly that when I saw the "shower" pic, I thought "yeah, I guess a mom would have to do that!" There are SO many things you're going to have to teach me (some day!).

I LOVE when you post baby A pictures...especially the adorable one in her high chair. :)

Tskate123 said...

cute baby