The Usticks: These are a few of my favorite things

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

Not a whole lot is going on here lately! Avery is still working on her two top teeth. They are definitely breaking the surface.. hopefully the discomfort will go away soon. She's had a few rough nights of sleep, but I'm sure it's due to those stinkin' teeth! Hey, nothing's bad in comparison to her first few months of "sleep" :-) !! I thought I'd just post a few pictures of the things Avery likes to play with most these days.. I mean chew on. I'm not sure there is anything she has touched and NOT put in her mouth!


Okay, this is just a funny face!
Daddy's gym sock (just washed, of course)
Old cell phone


Brent said...

for anyone interested, she also loves to chew on drawstrings, water bottles, stuffed animals, my ear, my finger, my nose, my big toe (while I'm wearing gym socks that may or may not be fresh out of the laundry), her high chair tray, AND the containers that her foods come in.

Les said...

Sophia likes to play with the huggies wipes too- I think it is the crunchy noise