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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our new baby

Ok, so it's not a real baby (did I have you fooled?!), but Brent & I got our new computer from Dell yesterday! Thanks to some Christmas money, we were able to afford this new computer! Our laptop was ancient.. and my desktop from college was even more ancient! We LOVE it! Here's a picture of the computer in our little "office nook" along with our desk and office chair where the TV used to reside. I might add that the desk took us over 3 hours to put together one night.. and yes, we didn't start it until like 11pm! Whoops! It fits so nicely in this little space and we moved the Fenway framed picture above the desk to finish out the space!

Avery & I went to City View park the other day after the rain stopped. I took my chance to snap a few photos of her sitting up with the beautiful sky in the background.

Oh, and just for the family, here are a few more of Avery B :-)

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The Brooks Family said...

Yay! More Avery pics - in the second to last one, she favors the Rudy side I think :-) I miss that girl like crazy! And you guys too of course, hehe. Oh, and your computer space is GREAT!!! Love the computer monitor - it all looks super nice. And while we're on things looking super nice: I like the blog background!!